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About ShaadiWorks

We love Pakistani weddings!

The essence of the perfect wedding is the celebration of love and commitment of two people to each other for the rest of their lives. But the Pakistani wedding is so much more than that: it is the coming together of two families in respect and adoration, their deepest and truest supplications and wishes expressed jointly for the long and happy lives of the couple; Pakistani weddings are endearing traditions, tongue-in-cheek rituals, beautiful dresses and heirloom jewelry pieces, festivities and food, love and togetherness; misdeeds are forgiven and forgotten, new relationships are forged and happy memories are made for the couple and for their loved and dear ones for years to come. Pakistani weddings are larger than life.

Creating and planning that wedding requires no small amount of effort, blood-sweat-tears and money. This effort - put in by family and friends as much as the dulha and dulhan themselves - is multiplied by the sheer

number of mini-events that make up a quintessential Pakistani wedding: starting with the baat-pakki or engagement, then the pre-wedding events like dholki, mayoon, milad, followed by the actual wedding events of nikah, mehndi, the climactic rukhsati, and ending with a celebratory Valima ceremony - a full-fledged romance-drama movie, if you will.It can takes months to plan and execute, taking an almost inhuman amount of endurance, patience, creativity and ironclad nerves. The magnitude of the task combined with limited or no experience in wedding planning and lack of correct information for better decisions and choices result in an unfair amount of stress and worry for the couple and their families.

At ShaadiWorks, we believe the wedding planning process should be fun, satisfying and as stress-free as possible so you can fully enjoy the experience of creating your big, fat and perfect Pakistani wedding.

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